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Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Shanell

I started the Kickboxing Program in May. I never thought I would be where I am at today. I started the program weighing 220 pounds. Today, six month later I have lost 45 pounds. Not only has Sensei Randy motivated me to exercise daily, but he has also helped me to change my eating habits and with nutrition. This program has changed my life. I feel like a different person. I have more confidence in myself and can do things that I couldn't do before. Not only is Sensei Randy a wonderful instructor, trainer and nutritionist, but also a great friend who will guide you on your life changing journey like he did for me.


Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Sri

My son has been taking Karate for the last year. In that time, we have seen such a change in him, not only at the studio, but in school and other activities as well. His confidence has skyrocketed, and this once shy child now looks for opportunities to try new things. He is even more active and his grades have improved. I can not give a higher recommendation to this program. It has changed his life forever.


Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Sara

This is awesome! Thank you for an outstanding party!! Valentina loved it, and everyone had a great time. We didn't know what to expect and you certainly delivered. The kids had so much fun!


Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Beth

I have never done Kickboxing before. I loved it Sensei Randy thank you. You methods and tactful way of teaching making lite of the difficult. Your push and drive to motivate are magic, and you give new meaning to believe in yourself. See you in August and thanks again. The fossilized one!


Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Jared D.

Just started the adult karate class and love it! Sensei Randy is very well qualified and a fantastic instructor. My daughter attends the little ninja class and Sensei is great with the kids. There is a high intensity kick boxing class too that will get your heart pumping!! This is a highly recommended martial arts studio

Jared D.

Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Jeanette C.

Kickboxing is awesome! And Sensei Randy is the best for kids and adults alike!

Jeanette C.

Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Laura B.

Sensei Randy makes getting stronger fun! Kickboxing is awesome!

Laura B.

Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Diane B.

It has it all. Martial Arts with the Hyper program which keeps the kids interested and focused. It offers kickboxing. Starting September it will have an after school program. Check them out!

Diane B.

Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Dennis B.

I have been searching for a martial arts school for over 6 months for my son. I have tried others locally. They were not a match for us. We found Inner Dragon and it was a blessing. Sensei Randy classes are always full of energy and new material. I have seen a difference in regards to focus with my son in a very short period of time. Another positive, Inner Dragon has month to month agreements. I highly recommend this school!

Dennis B.

Inner Dragon Martial Arts Llc Nick L.

Sensei Randy Allen brings years of experience, knowledge, and high energy to every class he teaches. The studio provides a self defense education for all ages in a safe controlled atmosphere. Students will gain self confidence, discipline and skills that will be used in the class room today as well in everyday life in the future. I would highly recommend Inner Dragon to everyone.

Nick L.

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