New Year/ New You

  So it's that time of year again.  The end of the calendar brings on the beginning of a New Year, and people want to make the most of their "Fresh Start."  So January 1st we start with our resolutions.  And for the first two weeks we hit them hard.  Spending more time with family, reading and exercise, exercise, exercise.  So what happens?  How many times have you made the same resolutions only to fall short sooner than later.  In fact, studies show that by January 21st, 90% of people have already given up on their new beginning and are back where they started.  Maybe what we need to do is change the way we describe our journey. 

   First off, resolutions are not goals.  Goals are very specific, have deadlines, incremental benchmarks and specific steps outlined to achieve the desired outcome.  One of the strongest tools we have in creating the life we want is changing the language we use.  Even stronger than what we hear from other people, is what we tell ourselves.  Maybe instead of a resolution that is usually very general and is an ending unto itself (lose 20 pounds as opposed to change my diet and create an exercise program to give myself more energy and change my lifestyle,) we should call them evolution's, something that is an ongoing process.  They are things which help you become more of what you want from yourself and your life.  So step it up!  Don't just have a good day, be OUTSTANDING!  Take your language to the next level and watch your life soar!

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