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  • The Hidden Benefit of Sports!

    What is the real benefit of sports on life? Many people look at sports at their most basic level. It is entertainment or socialization, and when people look a little deeper the health benefits of it. What people miss are the truly deeper benefits, and especially when it comes to our children the life lessons it teaches and the basic human needs that they provide. When you dig into sports, one of the biggest takeaways is the ability to challenge one’s self to be better. No matter what sport you are playing, the idea isn’t simply to win that game, it’s to improve. When you look at the greatest athletes in history, they never talked about winning A GAME (even ....

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  • Keeping a positive mindset!

    Hey everybody! So I am sitting in my office this morning thinking about everything that we are dealing with right now and I realize that this is not something that we need to fear. For years we have been talking about the importance of developing ourselves, building strong healthy bodies and minds, developing attitudes and mindsets to keep us always moving forward, and creating bonds with friends, families and loved ones that ensure they know we are connected no matter how far away we are, and how long it's been since we were together. One of the blessing we can take from this time, is we all have a chance to look at where we are and where we imagined ourselves at this time. We talk a ....

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  • Why does my child keep bumping into EVERYTHING!!!!

    Why does my kid keep banging into everything?!?!
    It’s a common challenge with parents. Suddenly your child is walking through the house and banging into walls that have always been there, or reaching for a glass of water and spilling it all over the table. While many people get frustrated and may chastise their children for these things, in reality there may be a few developmental challenges that are going on. As children develop, they do not typically grow at a steady pace. Most children grow in spurts, where they won’t grow for months and then suddenly shoot up seemingly overnight. These changes in their size affect their ability to judge distances between ....

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  • Building your child's self confidence!

    Continually seek opportunities that increase your child’s self-confidence. The very best thing you can equip your child with is self-confidence. There is absolutely no substitute for self-confidence. Let me repeat that because this line is very important: There is absolutely NO substitute for self-confidence! Confident children face every day with a positive outlook and tend to have better grades, more friends, and less stress. Here are some tips for increasing your child’s self-confidence: - Help them find their inner talents. Everyone has an inner passion or ability that they can sink their teeth into. This includes sports, martial arts, music, reading, writing, ....

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  • The power of winning AND losing!

    The power of winning and losing! Everyone loves a winner. The world is full of sayings and proverbs about being on top, and number one. Our sport stars are praised for their success both on and off the field, and people flock to hear our business moguls and buy their books to find out how they too can excel! They dominate the news, and people hang on their every step, both the good and the bad. We can learn a lot from the winners. And those that repeatedly exceed everyone’s expectations, take things to new heights, do the impossible and become legends! But what about the ones that don’t win? Do they just go by the wayside? Some do. ....

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  • Our Summer Kickoff!

    Thanks to The Hudson Mall, The Hudson Police and Fire Departments, Magnolia and The Doggie Investigation Gang for helping us out! ....

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